Succeeding together

How do we come about realizing value?

Up and running with CRM Analytics

We advise starting with a light approach and progressing to advanced solutions
as we learn together.

  • We work closely with you to understand your vision and identify success criteria and supporting initiatives.
  • Together, we define your CRM Analytics roadmap, taking into account your internal capacity and ROI.
  • Through ongoing dialogue, we follow our iterative Implementation Playbook, prioritizing the most valuable use cases based on project maturity and context.
  • During the implementation phase, we establish a user feedback loop to fine-tune and promote the solutions, ensuring smooth onboarding and maximizing user adoption, thus maximizing the benefits of your investment.

This is what we help enabling your business and users with

  • CRM Analytics utilizes your CRM Data
  • Uncover insights to enable data-driven decision-making
  • Contextual projection of insights for enhanced user experience and efficiency
  • Take direct actions from dashboards in Salesforce
  • AI features reveal data patterns and can be integrated into business processes and Flows
  • Utilize external historical data to improve Salesforce user adoption.

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