From vision to empowered users

Cloud Insightz covers all phases of CRM Analytics

From Advisory to Implementation

  • Advisory & Guidance
  • Assist Implementation Priority
  • Adaptive Delivery
  • Training and Enablement
  • Help Sustain Benefits & Hypercare

We can support your data-driven journey in many ways:

  • Packaged services, #EnabledNow
  • Fixed Scopes
  • Time & Material
  • Consultant Subscription constellations / Monthly fee

We will have your business Up & Running on data in a matter of weeks!

Our #EnabledNow Packages aim at getting you Up & Running with CRM Analytics or Revenue Intelligence in a matter of weeks.

Revenue Intelligence powered by AI

Run your business on insights utilizing data

Revenue Intelligence

Enablement Contents

3 Weeks

ROI Insights

3 weeks Implementation €15.000,-



Excellent Rep Coaching



Win Ratios

Account Management

Close Deals


  • Discovery Session and Onboarding
  • Permission and CRM Analytics Setup
  • Einstein Account Management & Dashboards
  • Pipeline Inspection & Dashboards
  • Revenue Insights & Dashboards
  • Scheduling & Data Sync
  • Demo and User Onboarding Session
  • Documentation & Handover

Run your business on insights in 2 weeks

Native App
2 Weeks

  • Discovery Session. Identify & prioritize a Use Case(s)
  • Setup, Configuration and customization of a Native App
  • Dashboards. For Management and Operations
  • Actionable Insights. Support user decision making
  • Access, Security & User Management
  • Scheduling & Data Sync
  • Demo and User Onboarding Session
  • Documentation & Handover

Tailored App

  • Include up to 6 Standard/Custom objects
  • Include 1 Dashboard with up to 10 widgets

Tailored App
2 Weeks

The Ripple Effect clients experience

No more exporting data to Excel

Make number-matching in meetings
a thing of the past

Free up time with your Analysts

Enablement Contents


Business Analysis

Business challenges?

  • What drives Business Value?
  • What are your Business Pain Points?
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Quality Evalutation
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Cost Benefit

What is your Guiding Star?

  • Vision
  • Project Scoping and Roadmap
  • Project Planning
  • How to Realize Value
  • CRM Analytics License assistance
  • Solution Scaling
  • 2nd Opinion / Assessment
  • Salesforce Adoption



Standard or Custom Use Cases?

  • Utilize standard CRM Analytics features
  • Accomodate unique use cases
  • Rely on best practise
  • Ensure documentation
  • Working iteratively
  • Prototype / Proof of Concept

New to CRM Analytics?

  • CRM Analytics training modules
  • Intro Training
  • Enable Training
  • Hands-On Customized Training
  • Feature deep dive
  • Best practises
  • Sparring

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To ensure you get the most out of, and sustain the benefits of, your CRM Analytics implementation we cover several areas

We can help you

Greenfield or Brownfield, we are here to assist your CRM Analytics implementation from Advisory to Implementation, using tested frameworks to deliver our services

Services are delivered remotely out of Denmark or on-site in Denmark*

* Engagements with onsite presence are possible, depending on location in the Capital Region.